Yarbasan Stone-Houses and Yarbasan Boutique Hotel is a complex of twenty three unique dwelling-villas built on a hill above Ortakent, some twenty minutes west of Bodrum. Assembled as a village of hand-crafted stone houses with sweeping views of the Aegean, the Island of Kos and Gökova Bay, and connected to each other with winding stone alleyways and stair- streets, it is fashioned after ancient Roman models when Bodrum was known as Halicarnassus. The project was born as an articulated concept by a group of visionary architects who excited aesthetic investors who gave them a free hand to realize something truly extraordinary and beautiful. It took a mere three years to complete the creation. Each stone-villa is different but complimentary to the rest, reflecting co-ordinated design elements. Both exteriors and interiors are outfitted and finished with ornamental wood, tiles and ceramics hand-made inside the village, celebrating local artisans who worked tireless and devotedly to bring to life original architects’ drawings.

The Yarbasan Stone-Houses complex comprises a restaurant, artisanal ateliers and artistic outlets. Some of the homes (Yarbasan Holiday Homes) are available as holiday rental-homes by discriminating holiday-makers who appreciate total comforts and a life-style laced with civility, classical music and good taste.

Yarbasan Stone Houses, Yarbasan Character Hotel, Yarbasan Boutique Hotel, Yarbasan Hotel,
Ortakent, BODRUM

Hurriyet Daily News (22 Nov 2010)Yarbasan Stone Houses in Bodrum's Ortakent open for visitors and accommodation

Turkish Daily News (09 Dec 2010)Yarbasan Stone Houses in Bodrum's Ortakent open for visitors and accommodation

We would like to thank Algis Kemezys for the photographs he made of the interiors of our Yarbasan Holiday Homes while he was staying with us. For more of his Yarbasan and Bodrum-area-Farmers’ Markets photos please visit his blogs at Open Salon:
Doorway to a Stone-Mason's Dream (14 Jan 2011)

Yarbasan Holiday Homes is now feauting its brand new Gulet Yacht, the 24 Meters, 3 spacious luxury cabin White Goose. One master, one twin and one double stateroom with en suite bathrooms and air conditioning for up to 6 persons. The Yarbasan culinary and eclectic luxury attitude extends itself on to the tranquil waters of the Mediterranean. More...

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